The volunteer survey, presentations & volunteer recruitment

Two weeks ago, the final Scouts volunteer engagement survey began. So far, over 1,300 Scouts volunteers shared their experiences and opinions. In the next weeks we’ll send out reminders. Please, tell us what is good about the volunteer experience at Scouting and what can be improved!


All the experiences that volunteers are sharing with us are feeding into great research. Last week, our team has presented the Scouts research at Curtin’s Future of Work Institute. The audience appreciated our work and was interested to hear more about it in the future. We were also invited to present the Scouts research at Life Saving Victoria. Here the audience showed great interest in our findings so far and we had a very informative discussion about how they applied to them.


One of the goals of our project is to attract more volunteers to help Scouts. During the past year, Scouts Victoria and the UWA team tested a new way of recruiting called LeaderBuild. In November we will present this new way of recruiting volunteers to the other branches. We’re very much looking forward to sharing our research and making a positive practical contribution to the sustainability of Scouts.


Finally, using what we learned at Scouts, we gave a workshop on volunteer recruitment at Volunteering WA. A group of over 15 volunteer managers joined us as we discussed recruitment practices and how those could be improved.


As always, reach us on [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.

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