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Just before the holidays we closed the volunteer engagement survey of 2018. In total, over 2,950 Scouts volunteer responded across seven branches. Thank you all for sharing your opinions about and experiences at Scouts! It was a great privilege to see so many Scouters freely share their time to help […]

Volunteer Survey 2018 – A great success

Starting this week, we will send out invitations for the final Scouts volunteer engagement survey. In the past two years over 6,000 Adults in Scouting shared their experiences and opinions via our surveys. This final survey will tie all previous research together and is therefore the most important part of […]

Scouts Volunteer Survey 2018 – Coming soon

Volunteering WA conference Patrick Dunlop, Djurre Holtrop, Jane Chong, Marylene Gagne, Gina Chatellier, Christine Soo
On Friday September 14, the research team presented some preliminary findings at the Volunteering WA researcher conference. This was a special occasion because many volunteering researchers in WA came together and discussed the projects they were working on. We obviously discussed the research we’re doing with Scouts. We talked about […]

Volunteering WA conference, Scouts presentations

We are proud to present a summary of the summary of the Scouts Volunteer Survey 2017!   Over 2.700 Scouts volunteers from all over Australia completed a 30-minute survey that asked questions about their motivation and experiences. Thanks to their responses we gained valuable insights in why some volunteers leave […]

Scouts Volunteer survey 2017 – Summary report

Motivation is important in life, volunteering and work. Motivation can explain why most people feel best on Friday evenings and worst on Monday mornings. Marylene Gagne studies what motivates people. Click here to read interesting facts and findings about human motivation on her blog .  

Motivation and Getting Up on Monday Morning

Do you feel like volunteering for Scouts after watching this video?   The UWA research team is helping Scouts Victoria in developing Recruitment materials. We were proud to assist in selecting content for this Scouts Recruitment video. More videos and other materials will become available throughout the year.

Scouts Leader Recruitment Video

  We are proud to present a summary of the results from the Scouts Volunteer Survey 2016!   Over 3.000 Scouts volunteers from all over Australia completed a 30-minute survey that asked questions about their motivation, needs, fit with Scouts, and much more. The ultimate goal of our research is […]

Summary of the 2016 Scouts Volunteer Survey

The volunteer surveys has now been concluded in six branches. Volunteers from Scouts ACT, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Southern Australia, and Tasmania were invited to complete this research project’s current volunteer survey. Over 2,700 volunteers shared their views and opinions about Scouts on a wide range of topics, […]

Volunteer Survey finalized in six branches

  Today I attended a couple of talks at the Social Impact Festival at UWA. One in particular left an impression on me. The talk was called Measuring Social Impact in Challenging Real World Contexts. One of the speakers preluded the talk by stating that they would not be giving […]

Social Impact Festival

  We’ve worked hard to create this website and now it is finally live! We intend to maintain this site throughout the next four years and for it to serve as a reliable source of information about the research collaboration between Scouts and UWA. We at UWA are very excited […]

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