What is this project about?

You may have heard that several Scouts branches across Australia have partnered up with a team of researchers from the University of Western Australia (UWA). We have formed this partnership so we can undertake research that will find ways to improve the volunteering experience at Scouts. As you know, Scouts relies extensively on the generosity of volunteers to deliver its youth programs, and the ultimate goal of this research is to help Scouts attract and retain more adult volunteers.


What is involved in the research?

The UWA team will be asking volunteers from Scouts to complete online questionnaires where you will be invited to tell us about yourself, your motivation to volunteer in Scouts and your experiences as a volunteer. We will also be surveying all newly recruited volunteers so we can learn about the volunteer recruitment process. We appreciate that you already generously donate a lot of your time to Scouts and we ask that you please spare an extra 20-30 minutes to complete the questionnaires when they go out. There will be a maximum of one questionnaire to complete per year for this project.


What is the purpose of the questionnaires and how do they relate to the research?

The UWA team will use your responses to the questionnaires to help guide us in the design of new strategies to attract new volunteers, socialise new volunteer recruits, and engage volunteers. We will be asking all volunteers’ to complete several surveys over the next four years so we can track how things are going over time. For example, we would like to learn if volunteers are becoming more motivated and engaged over time.


Will I receive any feedback on the surveys?

If you agree to complete the questionnaires, we can provide you with some personalised feedback on your responses. For example, if you complete the personality questionnaire, we can tell you how you scored and give you some information about what your scores mean.


What can I do to help?

The most important aspect of this project is getting opinions from as many volunteers as possible. So, in addition to completing the questionnaires we invite you to complete, please encourage your fellow volunteers to do the same! Please talk to other volunteers about the project and encourage them to talk to other volunteers about it as well.


Where can I go to get more information?

On this website you can meet the research team, get updates on the project, and learn more about your personalised results. We also aim to make the reports throughout this project available on this website.

You can also contact the research team directly via this email: [email protected]


How confidential are my answers? How are my data treated?

The research team follows the strict ethical guidelines set out by the Human Research and Ethics Office (HREO) at the University of Western Australia. As such, all aspects of the project in its current form have been approved by an independent ethics committee. Additionally, any further changes or amendments undergo the same process. We also encourage all participating Scouts branches to sign a confidentiality agreement which outlines the treatment of collected data.

We believe data security to be very important. Study participants fill in the survey via Qualtrics, a highly secure (HTTPS) encrypted online platform that is used by 99 of the top 100 Business Schools. Qualtrics stores survey data in independently audited data centres. All confidential information that is exported from Qualtrics for research purposes will be stored in lockable offices and in encrypted files on computers at the University of Western Australia.