Scouts Volunteer survey 2017 – Summary report

We are proud to present a summary of the summary of the Scouts Volunteer Survey 2017!


Over 2.700 Scouts volunteers from all over Australia completed a 30-minute survey that asked questions about their motivation and experiences. Thanks to their responses we gained valuable insights in why some volunteers leave Scouts and others stay. Altogether, the survey answers paint a positive picture of the volunteer experience at Scouts, but also helped us to identify some areas with room for improvement.


We would like to thank everyone at Scouts for their unwavering support for this research project. It would not have been possible to collect all this valuable information without your help. We felt incredibly supported throughout last year and are looking forward to the last survey at the end of this year. Moreover, we currently have some exiting interventions underway that we will hopefully be able to share with you around the end of this year (for a brief preview, please see the last part of the report).


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about the report and our findings.

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