Scouts Volunteer survey 2018 – Summary report

The summary of the third annual engagement survey for Scouts is here. Again, the number of responses overwhelmed us. We would like to thank all 2951 Scouts volunteers who, despite their busy schedule, shared their experiences at Scouts with us.


The summary of the survey results starts with an overview of the general survey findings, which are very similar to the past two years. Volunteer engagement is high, but has room for improvement. From there we briefly touch upon a few specific topics: 1) Why people volunteer for Scouts and which reasons are “good”, 2) What Adult Helpers think about when considering moving into a Leader of Youth role, 3) Training evaluations from recently joined volunteers compared to evaluations from 2 years ago and 4) the perceptions of the New Program. We close with briefly discussing the project progress.


We hope you will enjoy this summary. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments: [email protected]

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