Summary of the 2016 Scouts Volunteer Survey


We are proud to present a summary of the results from the Scouts Volunteer Survey 2016!


Over 3.000 Scouts volunteers from all over Australia completed a 30-minute survey that asked questions about their motivation, needs, fit with Scouts, and much more. The ultimate goal of our research is to understand why some volunteers stay with Scouts and others leave. This survey provided us with valuable insights and a great baseline to compare future changes to. Altogether, the survey answers paint a positive picture of the volunteer experience at Scouts, but also helped us to identify some areas with room for improvement.

Based on the results, we propose some targeted improvements to further enhance the volunteer experience in Scouts. During this year and the next, we will test some of these changes and evaluate their effectiveness.


Our entire team would like to thank all who participated in the survey and generously shared their opinion with us. This information is invaluable to our research and Scouts.


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about the report and our findings.

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