Our research team is proud to work together with Scouts to improve the volunteer experience. Our research is broadly supported across Scouts Australia, below you can find some testimonials endorsing this research from Chiefy and Chief Commissioners.


“Currently Scouts Australia are excellent at recruiting new people to the membership team. The research we are embarking upon here is going to offer Scouts Australia an excellent opportunity to gather information which will provide us with an insight into why people do stay when others are leaving. This data we are gathering will enable us to examine ‘why you stay’. This in turn will enable us to review the way we attract, recruit and train our leaders and give them the level of skill we need to deliver high quality programs but most importantly what we need to do to have people stay longer with Scouts Australia.  Participating in this survey will offer an insight as to what were the triggers that kept you within our membership. Why have you committed to staying with Scouts Australia is important to us and with this understanding we hope to improve the retention of greater numbers of our leaders such as yourself. To more than double the number of people who choose to stay on as members of Scouts Australia would bring me enormous delight. I’m sure you would agree that having more people to assist you in your role would be openly welcomed by everyone.”

Chris Bates (Chiefy)

Former Chief Commissioner Scouts Australia

“While Scouting has always enjoyed the wide acceptance and support of our community, our greatest support comes from you, our Members. It is our Members who provide Scouting Leadership and ‘best practice’ in the day-to-day role for which is each of us is responsible.

The University of Western Australia research project and related survey is an opportunity to share our knowledge with the goal to continuous improvement, something all good Scout Leaders strive to do. This research project is fully endorsed by your Branch and will assist in driving our Association into the future. Its findings will assist in developing tailored recruitment strategies, ensure appropriate volunteer support and equip our Leaders will the necessary skills to both recruit and retain both Youth and Adult Members in the future. Your participation is critical to its success and I encourage your active participation.”

Harry Long

Chief Commissioner Scouts SA

“Scouts Victoria is fortunate – along with Scouts in WA, SA and Tasmania – to be part of some innovative research by the University of WA into how and why people volunteer. This is about attracting, selecting, and retaining the best volunteers for Scouting.

We ask a lot of you – and sorry, we’re doing it again! – but this survey will make our job easier and more effective in the long term.

I promise, Scouts’ Honour, to complete my copy of the survey by the end of the weekend.

Please join me. Your views will affect the future delivery of Scouting to young Victorians.”

Brendan Watson OAM

Chief Commissioner of Scouts Victoria