The Volunteer Surveys have commenced

rsz_icon-survey-bigDuring the next months we will invite Scouts Adult Leaders across Australia to share their experiences at Scouts in a survey. First, all new Adult Leaders will be invited for the Recruitment Survey. Second, all current Adult Leaders will be invited to complete the Volunteer Survey. Before distributing the surveys we asked feedback from over 25 different Scouts members, including staff and volunteers, to ensure the surveys were appropriate and flowed logically.

Two days ago we launched the first Volunteer Survey and invited all current Adult Leaders in Scouts WA. We hope that a large number of volunteers will share their volunteer experiences with us through this survey. The quality of our recommendations to Scouts (regarding how to ensure that volunteers are satisfied in their role) largely depends on the amount of participating Adult Leaders.

Throughout the next few weeks we will invite Adult Leaders in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territories and South Australia. The events section of this website displays all confirmed launch dates. We are aiming to have invited all Adult Leaders in the participating branches before the end of August.