Volunteer Survey finalized in six branches

Chief meeting

The volunteer surveys has now been concluded in six branches. Volunteers from Scouts ACT, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Southern Australia, and Tasmania were invited to complete this research project’s current volunteer survey. Over 2,700 volunteers shared their views and opinions about Scouts on a wide range of topics, such as motivation, training experiences and leadership perceptions. Additionally, we received many positive reactions and extra information from Scouters all over the country. We are grateful to all who gave their time to share their thoughts and we are impressed by your engagement with this research project.

The preliminary results were shared with the Chief Commissioners during a two hour meeting on 18 November. The Chiefs provided us with valuable insights and we discussed the implications of our findings. The picture shows our lead investigator -Marylene Gagne- presenting the first results to the Chief Commissioners.

Our aim is to publish a summary of our findings on this website before the end of January. Again, we thank all who contributed to this research project. We are positive that your opinion will contribute to effective strategies and practices that will allow Scouts to keep prospering.

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